Tuesday, February 12, 2019

January 25, 2019 Yvonne McCann's retirement party in Rapid City

The Ski for Light event is over on Thursday.  But there is another long standing tradition of going to the Saloon #10 at 10:00am for Bloody Mary’s.  It’s also a good time to say goodbye to friends.  I only had one since it was snowing and we had to drive back to Rapid City. 

Kim and Shayna Weyer asked us to meet them at the Sugar Shack for burgers on the way back.  Tammy from Toronto Canada was riding with us and was up for the adventure.  Eric Lowe and Doug Peutz happen to stop there, too. 

We dropped off Tammy at the Alex Johnson Hotel in Rapid.  Bev and I returned to Perdue’s and took a short nap.  We went to a retirement party for Yvonne McCann that evening at her sister’s home.  Jan and Jay Hrachovec sold us our first sail boat back in 2004.  It was fun to see her family again.  One sister lives in New Mexico and doesn’t know me as well as the others.  When I was talking about returning to Georgia next week and then the Bahamas she said “oh really, on which cruise line?”.  We all got a chuckle out of that. 
Henry Forstner teaching Yvonne how to do the "floss"

Yvonne McCann, Mary, Connie Forstner with Jan Hracovec photo bombing

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