Tuesday, February 12, 2019

January 24, 2019 Ski for Light Race Day and Banquet

Today was race day.  Jay and I got ready right away and did a short track to warm up.  We were lined up according to our estimated times.  Then they stagger our starting by 10 second intervals.  We estimated 15 minutes and 20 seconds.  We think we probably finished it in less time.  Adrenalin always kicks in.
arriving for race day
Leif Andolf has been to many International Ski for Lights and has been a volunteer for our event for almost all of the 40 years
mule to transport
Faye and Kim handing our race bibs
Jay warming up for the race
warm up run
the last leg of the trail
finishing our race
Jay and Mary after the race (everyone gets a medal)
Silvia with her guide
Bonnie from ND guiding
Mary and Susan Guest, long time participant
Dawn Srtska and Charlie Gould

Kaye loves the guide dogs

some of the crew on race day
trailer for the skis, boots, and poles

skis and poles
People mover heading back to Deadwood

The people who work with Bev at the t-shirt/swag/info table

Kylie Forth at the downhill competition
I stayed to help take down the tent and tables, etc that day.  I also volunteered to be a designated driver for a friend, Kim Weyer.  I had never stayed to the end before.  There was a tradition of standing in a circle and sharing a bottle or two of Jack Daniels with toasts.  About 20 of us went to the Sledhaus in Lead for lunch before heading back to Deadwood.
removing the hay bales
packing up the tent
annual ceremony with toasts of Jack Daniels when the work is done

The banquet was at the Deadwood Mountain Grand resort, about 3 blocks from the Holiday Inn.  Bev helped take tickets.  We sat together with Don and Jay.  There were about 400 people at the banquet.  It gets larger every year.  When I first started in 1990 there were about 100 people. 
Cammy and Mary Ellen Lantis with Mary
Tony Diem and Bev
Kaye Dial, Don, Bev and Mary-siblings
Ann, Bev and Mary standing.  Betsy, Karen Roy, Kaye Dial in front

Miss Wheelchair America has been coming to our event for about 20 years.  This year Karen Roy was great to get to know.  She was from Louisiana and was attacked and robbed in a parking lot.  A gunshot in the back damaged her spine. 

After the banquet, we went to the Saloon # 10 and ended up closing the bar.  We used to have room parties that lasted all night in the past.  So a few of us had a small party in a room at the Holiday Inn.  We made the mistake of inviting about 4 people in their 20’s.  We had to ask them to leave because they were so loud.  I guess we’re really getting old.  I think we lasted until 3:00am trying to prove that we still had it in us.

Marcie Brumbough of Rapid City, Jeevan and Silvia from Toronto
Silvia and Chris Jonas, Bev, Marie Trusty, Heather Spencer
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Bev, Marie Trusty, Eric Lowe, Ann was with Karen Roy form Louisiana
room party before we kicked the young noisy ones out

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