Monday, February 11, 2019

January 2-4, 2019 Sturgis and Rapid City, SD with friends and family

Wednesday Jan 2
Today I dropped off my skis at Scheel’s to have them recondition the bottoms.  My skis have metal edges and were pretty rusty.  Pete and I took his car for an estimate to get it into shape.  Afterwards, we had lunch at Sabor, a good Mexican restaurant.  Then I went to Sturgis for the night.  Janice and Jim were back starting the remodeling on the kitchen.  I picked up pizza for dinner.  Janice and I played Triominoes and everyone else went to bed early.
Janice loves to paint

Thursday Jan 3
I helped Janice stain the boards for the steps in the house.  I headed back to Rapid late afternoon to spend the evening with Pete.
my job was to remove the stickers and the glue from the boards
Janice staining the steps for the split level house
the middle board is the flooring

Friday Jan 4
I met my coffee girl friends at 6:30 am at Black Hills Bagels.  Yvonne and Marge were there again.  But today I got to see Connie Forstner, too.
Mary and Yvonne standing, Marge and Connie sitting

I met another friend, Sue Heil for lunch.  Afterwards, I went to Scheel’s to pick up my skis.  We’ll see if I notice a difference. 

This evening, a group of 14 people met at JR’s Roadhouse BBQ for dinner.  This was a group of sailing friends.  I didn’t take any group pictures, but I did take baby pictures.  Our friends, Jackie and Brian Killion, now have a grand baby.  Morgan and Kyle joined us and brought Kaden.  He was born in October.  Besides the Killions, there were Deb and Denny Stuck, Scott and Marlene Dannenbring, Richard and Tracy Perdue, Tami and John Petersen, Pete and me.  Denny ordered us two “gout platters”. We had ribs, beef brisket, pork and pork sausage.  The sides were coleslaw, baked beans and macaroni and cheese.  Everything was delicious.  I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area.  It was off of Interstate 90 on exit 52 on the way to Sturgis. 

Me with Kaden Werhle (Kyle and Morgan Killion Werhle's son)

Happy Grandma Jackie with Kaden

Proud Grandpa Brian with Kaden.  We think Kaden looks like his Grandpa Brian.  Dave told them they could have surgery to fix that. 

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