Monday, February 11, 2019

January 19, 2019 River Liffey Boys at Terry Peak

Pete’s band, the River Liffey Boys, played at the Terry Peak ski resort today as part of the Jammin’ at the Peak event.  Bev and I decided to pack up for the week of Ski for Light and head up early.  The SFL event starts on Sunday.

We stopped at Margaret Moore Harrell’s cabin in Boulder Canyon to drop off an overnight bag.  We invited her to join us, but she couldn’t.  We are returning here after Pete’s gig.

We joined Pete and his band at a local hamburger place that we have been going to for years, Lewie’s Burgers and Brews, outside of Lead, SD.  Then we all headed to Terry Peak to the Dark Horse Saloon Chalet.  It was packed, but we found a booth for us and friends.  We saw several friends from Rapid City.  The band sounded awesome.  They played from 2-6pm.
Pete with Tara Knutson from Sioux Falls here for Ski for Light

Mary and long time friend, Bubba (Ray Bubb)

Pete's band playing to a full house

Jaws and Bubba, met through Ski for Light about 30 years ago.  Jaw's son plays in the band with Pete

Mary and old friend Gwen Brandhagen Taylor

SKi for Lighters Chris Jonas, Tim and Marcie Brumbough

Silvia Jonas from Toronto, Canada and Beverly
 At 6:30pm, there was a lunar run at Terry Peak.  A limited number of skiers got to do 2 runs in the dark carrying torches.  We decided to wait and watch them come down.  The organizing started at 6:30, but it was 7:30 by the time they got to where we could see them.  Bev’s quote for the night was “when was the last time you did something for the first time in your life?”  So we had to stay.  Hang in there, the second half is much better.

We visited with Margaret for awhile before I fell asleep in the chair.

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