Friday, February 22, 2019

February 2-10, 2019 Marina events and provisioning

I am doing a group entry for our social side of life between February 2 and the 14th.  The next entry will have the projects Dave worked on from December through February 14. 

Saturday 2-2
The cruiser’s net is still on the VHF every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The usual net controller was out of town today, so I filled in.  AND it was ground hog day.  Dave and I watched that movie that night.
Sunday 2-3
Now the days all start sounding alike.  I sang with the choir at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church.  I joined several ladies from the church for lunch.   Yacht club at night for a game of  Dominoes, chicken foot, and the Super Bowl.  People in SD were able to see me in a commercial.  If you want to see my small part, go to  It’s about the 126 highway deaths in SD last year.  They show a small town and it’s inhabitants.  Then next time they show the town being wiped out and the impact of losing 126 people.
Tuesday 2-5
I was the net controller this morning on the VHF for the marina.
I attended a CPR course in Brunswick to be able to renew my dental license for South Dakota in the spring.  I will need it by the end of June and wasn’t sure when we would get back from the Bahamas.  It was the most “unprofessional” CPR class I have taken in my career.  Oh well, it’s good for another 2 years.  I made it back in time to play dominoes at the club house.
Wednesday 2-6
Dave is changing his VA clinic to Brunswick from St Mary’s, GA.  To do that, he had to have new labs and a new exam with the local doctor, even though this was just done in December. 
After his labs this morning, we went out for breakfast
Cleaned cupboards, inventory of food, defrost freezer, cleaned stove.
Happy hour then dinner with boating friends at a Mexican restaurant.

2-8 Friday
Dave had his VA annual exam, again, with a new Dr.  He really liked this one.  He felt like he had a full exam compared to his in and out exams over the last few years.
We chose today to celebrate my birthday.  Mid afternoon, we drove north of Brunswick along the ICW to stop at some places we can see from the water.  First we stopped at the Sapelo Island visitor center.  Then we went to the Fish Dock for shrimp and clams.  They farm clams in that area and had a video showing the process.  Interesting.  Then we went to the Sunbury Crab Company for dinner.  I had a mahi dinner and Dave had the seafood platter.  We ended up taking 3 crabs and about 12 shrimp home with us. 

When we got back to Brunswick, we decided to pick up the fixings for White Russions and go to the clubhouse.  There were a few people playing cards that we knew.  They were more than happy to join us in the celebration.

Today is my 63rd birthday.  I’ve told this story before, but I love telling it.  My parents visited us in Germany when Dave was stationed there in the Air Force.  On my Dad’s 63rd birthday, we went on a Rhine River Cruise.  63 in German is drei und sechzig which sounds like dry and sexy.  So he said he was “dry and sexy on the Rhine”.  That makes this my dry and sexy year.
I sang at church in the morning.  In the afternoon, I went to a local theater for a musical with a marina friend, Nancy Arnold.  Dominoes that night at the clubhouse with a piece of birthday cake from the people that shared the drinks last night.

2-11 thru14
I spent about 3 hours at the grocery store provisioning for our 3 months in the Bahamas.  I spent that evening storing the food.  I used our food saver that we keep in storage for several items.  When we last used it in about 2015, the seal was bad.  They sent us 2 new ones, but we hadn’t used it.  The new seal worked great.  But we’re putting it back in storage. 
Once things are packaged, I have to tuck them away in different compartments.
making room for dinner

we have a device for breaking up crab to clean out the meat, "crab truck".  This is the first time we have used it in 5 years, so it's going into the storage unit until we spend a summer in the Chesapeake.

yummy bowl of crab from leftovers

I dropped these off and headed to Dominoes

beautiful lunch at Thai Basil downtown Brunswick

sealed bags with Food Saver

Our Valentine’s Day wasn’t very romantic.  We made one last run to the storage unit to leave things and pick up some things.  I then returned the rental car.  As soon as I got back to the boat, I saw 2 major items that were supposed to go to the storage unit.  I called a friend with a car at the marina to make one more run.  While waiting for her we did one more search and found 2 more things. It seemed like I spent the day in the car, rather than getting the boat ready.
love the sunsets here

In between all these events, we went through each of our storage compartments on the boat.  We moved some things, took some things to the storage unit, and threw some things away.  Wouldn’t it be great if people on land could do that with their entire house once a year?

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