Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 17, 2019 Sailing with the Schneider's

We stopped in St Augustine because South Dakota friends were there in an RV park, Gene and Colleen Schneider from Sturgis.  We made plans to take them for a sail today. Their campground was about 3 miles up the ICW from our anchorage, so we picked them up with our dinghy. 

teaching moment for cleating
dingies in the dinghy
wild Colleen

on a mooring ball in the St Augustine city marina
 Back at the boat, we gave them a tour of the boat and headed out the inlet.  Colleen and I spent most of the time out on the bow.  Colleen never dreamed she would be sailing on a sailboat and even got teary eyed at moments.  She loved it.  Dave and Gene tried their hand at fishing, but this area is really over fished, so no luck.  They enjoyed discussing all the mechanics of sailing. 
attaching lines to lift dinghy
lines on the davits
lifting the dingy
guys releasing the mooring ball



the furling line is red for the genicker sail


making sandwiches for lunch in the galley

Back on shore, we went out for dinner at O.C. White’s.  The building was built in 1790 and was originally a hotel, one of the first in St Augustine.  Excellent fish and hamburger (Dave finally found a place that would cook it medium). 

Below are a couple of Colleen's videos.  When you have guests, you see things you wouldn't have thought to share.  The first one shows the main sail coming out of the mast furler.  The second one is the pelicans on the water that we see quite often.  Thanks Colleen

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