Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 15-16, 2019 Brunswick Landing Marina to St Mary's to St Augustine

2-15 Friday
We finally cut the lines and left the marina today after about 2 months.  We were only going about 6 hours away, so we finalized the boat in the morning.  We filled our water tank then had to wrap up the water hose.  We had to unplug the power cords and store them.  After leaving the slip, we stopped at the dock with the office to finalize our bill.  It ended up being about 11:00 when we left.
bringing in the fenders
bringing in the dock lines
tying the dock line to the life line
beautiful reflection of boats in the marina
the water was so calm-great photo op

We sailed out the St Simon’s inlet and went off shore to the St Mary’s inlet on the GA/FL border.  We wanted to anchor just inside the inlet on the south side towards Fernandina, FL for an easy exit in the morning. We were surprised by the number of crab pots in the area.  We ended up getting closer to the paper mills than we wanted to, but it was just one night.  We had sailing friends that were at Tiger Point marina just up Egan’s Creek.  We texted Paula and Dave Innis, and they said they could see our anchor light from the marina. 

2-16 Saturday
We left at 7:30 am for St Augustine.  This was the first time we have anchored with the new windlass/gypsy.  The anchor came up so easy and much smoother.  All Dave’s hard work paid off.  We left the inlet with the tide going out.  Our usual 6k kicked up to 10k.

We planned to meet with the Schneider’s from Sturgis, SD once we were in St Augustine.  They are in a campground north of St Augustine for 2 months in an RV.  We realized we were going to pass the beach where Gene usually fished.  So we sent them a text and told them to watch for us on the ocean.  Sure enough, they saw us and sent us a picture.
the flag is just off shore of Schneider"s RV resort, the yellow is land, the white is the water, inlet and ICW
Schneider's view of us from the shore
our view of the Schneider's from our boat, hee hee

We made it to St Augustine by 3:30, in 8 hours.  We tied up to a mooring ball in the city marina right by the Fort-Castillo de San Marcos.  While we were anchoring, they shot off the cannons.  Dave’s reputation preceded him. 
light house south of inlet to St Augustine
fort on shore

Dave's reputation preceded him in St Augustine

After checking in, we went into town for dinner.  We walked several back streets looking for something different.  We found an open air bar that looked fun.  Someone told us we had to go to the front to put our name on their list for a table.  At the front, we found out it was our favorite Irish Pub, Meehan’s.  They had a different menu out back.  We just took the first available table and enjoyed Irish beer and fish and chips. 

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