Monday, February 4, 2019

December 19-23, 2018 South Dakota at Pete's and seeing friends

Wednesday 12-19
Uneventful travel day from Brunswick, GA to Rapid City, SD.  I had a 6:20am flight.  My friend, Marge Marken, picked me up at the airport in Rapid City and took me to Perdue’s house to pick up a car to use while I am here.  Pays to keep in touch with good friends.

I met Pete at his house (apartment in a house) and settled in.  This is the first time I have stayed at HIS home.

Thursday 12-20
Dermatology appointment.  So far no cancer.  Ran errands with Pete and ate ribs at his house.
full moon through the barren trees in SD

Friday 12-21
My Friday morning coffee friends are still getting together after about 20 years.  We met at Marge’s house this morning for a Christmas gathering.  She also served mimosas.  

After coffee, I went to Kim Weyer’s to look for my cross country skis.  She was storing them for me in her garage.  BUT, we couldn’t find them.  We found Dave’s, which we didn’t remember leaving there.  She put out a few phone calls and texts to figure out who she had loaned them to.   I wasn’t worried.  I had already told her she could get rid of them.  So I’ll rent, if needed. 

I spent part of the day helping Tracy Perdue by picking up a few things for her.   Then I helped set up for a silent auction as part of a fund raiser for the Black Hills Community Theater (she is on their board). 

Later, I connected with Pete after his work.  We went to a $ store and Walmart to pick up a few things for his apartment.  Back at his house, we ate ribs again and enjoyed a movie, The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russel, fun movie. 

Saturday 12-22
Pete had to work today.  So I made myself at home exercising and cleaning.  I went to church at the Cathedral where I used to be in the choir.  I sat by MaryLee Waldman, one of the altos with me.  So good to see her again.

Enjoyed an evening at Pete’s watching TV.

Sunday 12-23
One of my former alto choir members, Kathy Schulte, invited several of the choir members to her home for a Christmas party.  Kathy, her husband and 2 of her adult children were there along with Marcia Deis, her son, Joe, and a tenor, Doug and Sue (can’t remember their last name).  We had lunch and snacks and played card games.  I learned a new game where any number of people can play.  Always up for new games.

Pete had a couple friends in town for the holidays.  My sister and her husband, Janice and Jim, from Aberdeen, were at their home in Sturgis.  Jim’s sister, Toni, rents it from them.  So I drove up to Sturgis to spend the evening with them.  I enjoyed a plate of their turkey dinner that they made for me. 

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