Monday, December 3, 2018

November 24-26, 2018 Myrtle Beach, SC to Charleston, SC

We left about 7:30 am to put some miles on the ICW today.  It was a rainy morning, but not too cold.  There had been heavy rains and flooding in this area this summer and fall.  There was a full moon, which makes the tide more extreme.  It was sad to see the water up over the banks and into peoples yards and homes.  There was also a lot of debris from trees in the water. 
swing bridge
heavy rain at times
water dripping on the ipad made it hard to use.  When he touched it, it acted like there was already a finger on it, so it would go crazy expanding or moving
flooding along the ICW in SC
When we approach a low clearance bridge, we call ahead on the VHF to request an opening.   We try to time it so we are close when it opens.  Today, a swing bridge wasn’t opening as we expected.  The bridge tender even came outside of his tower to look at it.  We tried to back up, but the current turned us sideways to the bridge.  By the time it opened, we were able to straighten out an go through as usual.  Little scary there for a minute.

We anchored at Winyah Bay by 3:30.  We enjoyed listening to AL beat Auburn in football.  The wifi wasn’t very strong here.  As the boat would swing at anchor, the wifi would go in and out.  That was frustrating.  We’ll have to be sure we stop where there is good wifi on Saturdays during football season.

Today we went out the Winyah Bay inlet and sailed on the outside to Charleston.  It was a beautiful day on the ocean.  The seas were flat and the wind was light, so we motored.  We left at 8:30 am and were anchored in Charleston harbor by 5:30. 

As we were coming to the anchorage, there were a couple sunset cruises.  One on a tall ship and one in a catamaran.  I happen to catch to catamaran in the sunset.  I sent them the photo, but didn’t hear back from them.  Thought they might want to use it in their advertising. 

there is some sunshine on the horizon, let's go there

Charleston skyline with the Ravenel bridge

Charleston Sailing Adventures on their sunset cruise
We spent the day connecting with the Beneteau repairman.  He wanted us to move to the Charleston City Boatyard for the repair work for our water leak.  We talked to the boatyard and planned for them to haul us out tomorrow.  We were feeling pretty good about this.

I spent the day cleaning the boat.  There is so much moisture on the inside walls. 

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