Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 4, 2018 Noank, CT and Ford's Lobster

We headed to Fisher Island about 3 miles off the coast of Connecticut today.  We anchored across from Noank, CT.  I had been in this area about 10 years ago with friends from Rapid City.  One friend, Bill and Brenda Hill, had family property on the coast and invited me and some other girlfriends to spend a week at the family home owned by several relatives. 

I always wanted to see their place by water.  It didn’t work out for the Hills to meet us there. They live about 2 hours north in Massachusetts and had been away for the weekend.  But we did take our dinghy across to the main land to go to Ford’s Lobster.  Other boaters had told us about their lobster bisque served in a bread bowl.  When we walked up from the shore, I recognized the place as where we bought live lobsters to cook and eat at Hill’s home when I was here before.    The meal was delicious.  We opted not to get the Lobster Bomb for $40. That’s a bread bowl filled with 8 ounces of lobster meat covered with lobster bisque.  I guess we’ve had our fill of lobster.

When we got back to the boat, some local power boaters stopped to meet us. People are always curious when they see Rapid City, SD on our boat. They tried to tell us that the next bay to the west would be more comfortable. But when we told them that we stopped here so we could take the dinghy to Ford’s lobster, they thought that was a smart move.  The anchorage was fine. 


the house on the left belongs to the family of Bill Hill.  It's for sale!!

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