Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 1-3, 2018 Block Island

We finally started heading south today.  We had one nice day to travel.  Then we had to tuck up for a few days before moving on.  We left Bristol about 9:00am.  By about 11:00, we were south of the bridge near Newport and ready to head off shore.  Dave did a check on our leak and there wasn’t any water in the channel near the shaft tube.  Yippee!

We were headed for Block Island, but about 1:00 we changed our mind to head to Mantauk.  We were making good time and thought we may as well go further.  But after looking at the weather again, we changed our minds to go back to Block Island.  There will be 2 days of strong winds, so being in Salt Pond at Block Island will be more protected.  And we may be able to go to shore while we are there.  We also thought this would be a good time to see the anchorage in Salt Pond.  In the summer months, it gets really crowded. 
We realized one of the other boats in our anchorage was a person we met in Brunswick, GA a few years ago, Ricardo from Brazil.  He contacted us and we made plans to get together on Saturday.  It was a windy, cold day so we spent it onboard.

We took our dinghy to Ricardo’s boat to pick him up for breakfast on shore.  There weren’t a lot of places open during the off season.   We found a pizza place that had breakfast sandwiches on bagels that were really good.  Then we walked around town and to the north shore where the ferries come in.  Felt kind of deserted, but I think we prefer that to being full of tourists in the summer. 

Ricardo invited us to his boat, but we declined. It was supposed to get windier, and it did.  Plus we wanted to get ready to head out tomorrow.  I had an issue with my phone and lost the other pictures we took at Block Island :(

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