Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September 19, 2018 Potts Harbor in Casco Bay Maine

We both woke up this morning about 5:30 to the boat rocking and rolling.  Once the fog cleared, we left to head further north.  It was windy today, so no fog.  But the wave action also made it difficult to see the lobster pots.  When I say pots, I mean the buoy that marks the lobster cage that it is tied to. 

It seemed like we traveled through lobster pots all day.   Dave figured out how to change the sensitivity on our radar to be able to pick up the pots.  That helped.  Looking at the charts, the islands and peninsulas reminded us of the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada. 
this buoy records the tide, current and wind speed

Our boat is in Potts Harbor center bottom. heading to the NW tomorrow almost where the green line runs, but navigating through the islands of course
We anchored by 2:30 in Ash Cove in Potts Harbor in Casco Bay north of Portland.  Since we hadn’t been off the boat since Friday, we decided to take the dinghy to a nearby marina for dinner.  The restaurant at the Dolphin Marina was recommended by many boaters on our Active Captain app, and it was excellent.  I had a fish chowder and Dave had the lobster stew.  They came with their homemade blueberry muffins that were unbelievable.  Dave had a seafood Alfredo and I had a seafood lasagna made with a béchamel sauce and served over a thick lobster bisque.  Both were very yummy.  Had to try local beers.  Dave had an Ein Stein Baxter beer and I had a Belfast Lobster red ale.

our boat is to the right of the flag pole, but way out in the distance

photo of the peninsula with the Dolphin Marina

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