Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September 16-18, 2018 Biddeford, Maine

Today we sailed to Biddeford, Maine.  WE FINALLY MADE IT TO MAINE!!  We saw seals on our voyage here today.   
first lighthouse in Maine
We anchored near Stage Island that had a monument on it. There were a LOT of lobster pots in the anchorage.  We had a lobster man pull up a lobster cage close to our boat.  It looked like he had his son with him today. 

 After getting settled in, we listened to the exciting Vikings/Packers football game that ended in a tie. 

It was really foggy today.  We couldn’t imagine trying to move through the lobster pots in the fog.  So we decided to stay put for the day.  There is always boat stuff to do.  We spent some time researching marinas in Maine that would be located near a car rental.  Our son, Pete, is flying into Boston on the 23rd.  Rather than have the boat in Boston, we’ll just drive and pick him up.  And we don’t really want to be in Portland, ME.  We’re looking as Casco Bay, north of Portland.


We had rain and fog again, so decided to wait another day.  I spent the day baking bread and cookies.  Dave spent some time cleaning water out of the bilge from our trip here.  There wasn’t much.

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