Monday, October 22, 2018

October 9, 2018 Tour of Gloucester Harbor

We decided to take a tour of the harbor by dinghy today.  First we stopped at a neighboring boat to say hello.  He was from Maine and heading to Florida.  We found a pontoon type of boat that advertised Burgers and Bait.  Sounded fun, but we found out he was closed for the season. 

On shore, we picked up packages from the Harbormaster.  Next stop was the hardware store for Dave to complete his next project.  Then we had a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant that Dave found while I was gone.  Good choice.

On the way back to the dinghy, we ran into the neighbor from Maine.  I think we talked his ear off for about 20 minutes before I remembered he had asked us about public restrooms.  Boaters!!  At the dock, we realized at low tide there is a huge boulder in the last slip.  We saw it partially exposed one day and wondered what it was.  Crazy how it is completely covered at high tide.  We toured a little further before heading back before sunset. 

not a great photo because of the light, but wanted to show the white buoy that is attached to the rock
obviously taken at high tide, not same day. Surprised there isn't a gate across the entrance
checked out the waterway that passes through Cape Ann Peninsula

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