Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October 17-22, 2018 Narragansett Bay

10-17 Wednesday
I made custard for the first time.  I didn’t grow up eating it very often, so Dave has always been the one to make it in our home.  We wanted to use up some milk that was on the edge, so custard it was. 

We both spent time on the computer and just tried to stay warm. 

10-18 Thursday
Another windy day.  We are planning to go to Bristol Harbor, but no hurry.  We spent the day making bread and Clam Chowder.

Always researching something on the internet (or playing solitaire). 

The gloves that allow you to use your phone come in handy.  I had to put them on in bed last night to be able to use my phone before going to sleep.  AND I could see my breath. 

10-19 Friday
Chilly morning, so we didn’t get going real early.  We moved the boat to Bristol Harbor today.  We knew it was a short trip.  We left at 11:00 am and were anchored by 12:40 pm.  We usually anchor near the far shore away from town.  I convinced Dave to anchor more in the middle of the bay so our dinghy ride wouldn’t be as long into town.  These are things we didn’t think about with the cold weather.  We may be fine on the boat, but going to shore can be a little cold, especially if you get wet.

It ended up getting windy, so we didn’t go to shore today.  We plan to do some laundry here and pick up mail at the Post Office General Delivery.  But just settled in to stay warm. 

!0-20 Saturday
We just spent the day on the boat again cleaning and listening to Alabama football.  AND Alabama won.  Roll Tide!!
Only time we have seen the Boston Recipe.  Wouldn't bother to buy again
Another windy day.  I wanted to make a butternut squash soup, but found a curry recipe.  Turned out fantastic. 
chicken thigh on the squash curry and bean clear noodles
I went to shore today to do laundry at the Maritime center.  It was the first day I have been on shore in a week.  Dave did some work on the boat and heated water for us to take showers.  The 11 gallon hot water heater doesn’t stay warm very long. 

When we were at anchor in Woods Hole and had rough weather, we took on some water.  Usually we only take on water when we move the boat.  So Dave closed the through hull for the water coolant intake for the shaft.  No water has come in at anchor.  So we feel we are  narrowing down our leak. 
my rendition

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