Monday, October 22, 2018

October 10, 2018 Laundry and dinner with new friend Will

Dave walked to the laundromat with me to help carry the laundry and a computer bag.  Then he headed back to the boat to make water.  While Dave was making water, the boost pump stopped.  This pump brings raw water into the system so the main pump only has to run the reverse osmosis filters.  He had to shut everything down.  The switch was broken, so he had to put wires together to get it running again.  Then he ordered a new switch.  Guess we’ll be here a little longer waiting for it to arrive. 

When I was done with the laundry, Dave didn’t want to shut down the water maker yet.  So I walked to a small library on main street to hang out until he was done.  That library was just closing, but the woman working there gave me a ride about 5 blocks up hill to the city library (with my 2 laundry bags and computer bag).  Carol said to stop by over lunch hour or the end of the day if I needed a ride again.  How sweet. 

Dave met me about 5:00.  Neighbor Will from Maine wanted to join us for dinner.  We met him at the Topside Grill and enjoyed dinner outside on probably the last nice day of October.  We actually let him talk this time.  Will is from Maine, has been sailing about 30 years, but full time cruising only about 2 weeks.  He is heading to the Caribbean, mainly the British Virgin Islands.  He was interested in hearing about the Bahamas from us because he is flexible and wants to enjoy the ride.  Great sense of humor.  We hope we cross paths along the way south. 

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