Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 6, 2018 Bristol, RI and Narragansett Bay

We left Cuttyhunk about 7:00am to go back to Bristol, RI.  Bristol is about 5 miles north of Hinckley yachts and a good anchorage that we are familiar with.  We made it back by 1:00pm, right before a front moved through with heavy rain.  A neighbor boat was dragging it’s anchor.  We watched them try to reset their anchor out in the pouring rain.  I said to Dave “it’s too bad they had to deal with that in the storm.”  Dave pointed out that is exactly when you would have trouble with your anchor dragging, not in calm weather, duh. 


we expected to see a tornado drop out of those clouds

We had put out fenders on both sides of our boat to be ready for the haul out tomorrow. The boat that was dragging must have thought we suspected their anchor wasn’t set very well.  It looked like we were protecting our boat.

On the way past Newport, we saw a nice new boat sailing.  Then we noticed a boat circling it and filming it.  There is a boat show here next week.  That will probably be their promotional video for selling the boat.  Interesting.

Castle Hill Inn at the entrance of Narraganset Bay

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