Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 11-12, 2018 Wood's Hole and the Cape Cod Canal

We decided to sail as if we didn’t have any water leak and take it day by day.  We’re finally on a plan to get to Maine.  I ran to shore one more time with our garbage.  The packaging form chicken and pork would get pretty stinky by the time we get to shore again.  Dave cleaned raw water engine screen and the water maker screen and readied the boat to leave. 

We left about 11:30am in fog.  We used our mechanical fog horn to have one prolonged blast every 2 minutes.  Funny, we have never heard anyone else’s fog horn, but at least we’re covered.  The fog cleared at the mouth of the Narragansett bay.  We headed through Buzzard’s Bay to Penzance Bay outside of Wood’s Hole.  This looks like an interesting place to visit on our return trip.  We had fog again by the time we anchored.
can you see the bridge we have to go under?
find the channel marker
oh, there's the channel marker
shoreline in Wood's Hole
We planned our day around the tide in the Cape Cod Canal.  You want to be traveling with the current and close to slack tide.  The current is too strong to motor against.  Close to slack tide, we would have more control. 
Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse
freighter showing 1/2 mile visibility
just shoreline in Massachusetts
We entered the Cape Cod Canal about 8:30am.   We usually travel at about 6-7 knots.   We were moving along at 8.5-9k right away.  We passed the Massachusetts Maritime Academy with some impressive ships.  By the time we passed under the railroad bridge we were doing 11k.  It was 9:45 by the time we exited the canal on the east end in Cape Cod Bay.  Since we aren’t heading into Boston at this time, we headed for Cape Cod. 
channel markers at the west entrance of the Cape Cod Canal

railroad bridge
little wet from the fog, can't see through my glasses and nothing dry to wipe them
people fishing on jetty
It was pretty cool to go into the hook of Cape Cod.  We anchored near Provincetown.  It was rainy and we were tired.  So we stayed on the boat with naps and dinner.  The closing for my office building was at 3:00 MST.  We had a toast to Dr. Kate Haave at 5:00 EST, took a picture and sent it to her.  CHEERS!!!
rounding the hook of Cape Cod


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