Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 1, 2018 Dinner with new friends

Dave worked on the water maker today.  He wanted to “pickle” the water maker.  That hadn’t been done in a long time.  We usually do that if we are not going to use the water maker for a week or more.  It keeps organisms from growing in the lines and membranes.  After he started the process, he noticed water wasn’t flowing through the system.  There is a valve that changes the system from making water to pickling.  The handle moved, but he valve didn’t open.  He took the valve apart, cleaned it, and replaced it.  Once again, everything was working.  Since the valve hadn’t been working properly, Dave will have to check that it opens each time.  So, he ordered 2 new valves.  The one that changes from raw water to fresh water is sticky, too.  They will be shipped to our mailing service in Florida and forwarded to us when we will be in one place for awhile.  You never know what you are going to get into when you start a project.

This evening, we were invited to dinner at the home of the couple we met taking pictures of our boat a few days ago, Ted and Judy.  They thought we might enjoy a home cooked meal on shore.  We met them on shore in New Bedford.  Then they drove us to their home in South Dartmouth/Padanaram area about 15 minutes away by car, 1.5 hours by boat. 

They had a lovely home on the coast near where we were anchored Wednesday night.  I wish I would have taken their picture or one of their home.  Ted is a retired physician, gastroenterologist.  They have a racing sailboat named Gut Feeling, hee hee.  They also have the power boat they were on the day we met them.  They have chartered boats in the Caribbean several time for many years.  But they just bought a sailboat in Puerto Rico that they will do some extended sailing on.  They were anxious to talk boats with us.  It was a great evening.
view from Ted and Judy's house

Being boaters, they offered to stop at a grocery store for us on the way back to the dock in New Bedford.  We just picked up a few things.  That was so thoughtful.  We used the local water taxi tonight.  A power boat picks you up at your boat and takes you to shore anywhere in the harbor for $3/person/trip.  It’s a great service. 

We were back at the boat in time to listen to Alabama’s first football game of the season.  They are rated #1 and won the game 51-14.  ROLL TIDE!!

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