Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 5-7, 2018 Brunswick, GA friends visit

Duane and Peg Siegfried, friends we met in Brunswick, GA, were anchored in Bristol Bay this weekend.  They came by to pick me up for church on Sunday.  Duane and I used to sing in the church choir in Brunswick.  After mass, Dave joined us at Aiden’s Pub for breakfast.  They have an Irish breakfast but only serve the black and white pudding on Saturday and Sunday.  The white pudding is a sausage made with oatmeal, pork and spices.  The black pudding is similar but has blood added for flavor and color.  Dave loves it, and we don’t see it very often. 
After brunch, I took Dave back to the boat and met Duane and Peg at the Herreshoff museum.  Our entrance is free since we are paying for a mooring ball.  There was an interesting film and several boats to look at.

dock at Herreshoff Museum, across the street behind the tent
We also saw Spring on Geronimo in Bristol.  This training vessel was in Brunswick this summer
Dave wanted to dive the hull to check for any external cracks where the water could be leaking in.  By the time I got to the boat, he was already in the water using the hookah system.  I sat out in the cockpit to help him, if needed.  Not too long after I got to the boat, the harbormaster came by in his boat and said we had to have a dive flag up.  I couldn’t find it, so I pounded on the hull to get Dave’s attention.  No luck.  I pinched the air hose several times, no luck.  I finally started pulling the hose in which brought him up.  The harbor master hung about until I had the flag flying off our flag halyard.  People can swim further away from the boat than what Dave was doing without any kind of warning.  Seemed a little picky to us.  
Dave didn’t see any cracks in the hull.  He resealed the shaft tube where it exits the boat 2 years ago, so maybe that is leaking.  He cleaned the bottom of the boat and checked through hulls.  There was some growth on the hull, but it came off easily with the awesome boat paint that we have.
We were back in town by 5:00 to meet Duane and Peg at Aiden’s Pub again.  They have a “music session” every Sunday at 5:00.  In Irish pubs, a band or a group of musicians sit in a corner table area and play as they wish.  It’s a little more informal than a band on a stage.  We eventually were able to get a table and have dinner.  It was fun seeing Duane and Peg again.  
We spent a couple days cleaning the boat.  We also lined up a car to run several errands on Wednesday.  Our Apple airmac laptop stopped working about a week ago.  There is an Apple store in Providence, so I called to set up a time for them to look at it on Wednesday.  Their first appointment wasn’t until next week Wednesday or Thursday.  I was glad I called first. 

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