Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 26, 2018 Bristol to Jamestown, RI

Before I even got up this morning, Dave had taken fuel jerry cans to be filled.  There is no where to buy fuel in Bristol Harbor.  He took the dinghy about 5 miles south to the next island. 

He wanted to go out for breakfast, his favorite meal to eat out.  We needed to take the used oil to shore.  The Harbor Master had shown us where we could put in behind the Welcome center building, then he would dispose of it on Monday.  We also had to bring in our garbage. 

We walked to the Sunset Cafe, a local had recommended it.  There was a line of people waiting, which was a good sign.  There is a strong Portuguese influence in this area.  We had to try their breakfasts with the chourico hash and bolo bread.  Very good.

We moved the boat to the southern part of Naragansett Bay today.  We thought we’d sail, but the wind was on our nose.  I got tired of hauling lines after about 3 tacks.  And there were so many boats, I didn’t want to take the helm.  So we ended up sailing about 1/3 and motoring about 2/3’s of the way.  We anchored in Potter Cove on Conanicut Island across the channel from Newport, RI. 

We made a flat bread that we grilled.  Yummy.  There was a full moon which provided a great photo op with the bridge.  

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