Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 23-25, 2018 Bristol, RI and boat projects

I loaded up laundry and computers and went to shore to the Maritime Welcome Center. 

Dave changed the carbon filter on the water maker before running it.  Dave uses the Honda generator to produce the power for the water maker when we are at anchor.  When he plugged the Honda generator into the 30 amp outlet for the boat, there was no power to the 120 volt switch box.  We haven’t used Honda generator since Dave installed the isolation transformer.  The IT wouldn’t recognize the Honda generator.  The Honda generator has a floating ground, so the transformer looked at as faulty. 
We still had wiring to the old generator.  Dave put a plug on the the wiring, plugged in the generator, and it worked!!  Now he needs to get a heavy duty cord to transfer the power nicely.

Dave also cleaned out the bilge again to help isolate the water leak.  He put away the dock lines and fenders that we used at the marina. 
Then he said he “thought about the future”, whatever that means. 

Dave dove the hull today, again, with the hookah system.  He likes to check everything after we have been sitting for awhile, especially in a marina.  He cleaned the through hulls and prop.  And he lubricated the prop.  To do that, he has to remove 2 set screws, place 2 zercs, squirt in the lube until he sees it come out around the blades and body.  He has to dodge the goop coming out so it doesn't get on him or his mask.  He checked zincs.  They are about 1/2 gone, but ok for now.  I included pictures of how they look when he replaces them.  He also likes to give the hull a check.  In darker water, he has to feel for any growth and clean it.  He found a new waterproof headlamp that he really likes made by Mantus. He can wear it on his head or on his wrist. 
Airline hookah in the starboard lazerette where the generator used to be

prop lube
these  zerks have to
example of a used and new zinc for the prop
zinc collar for the shaft with a line cutter built in

We used our new grill tonight.  We had marinated some thick pork chops and they were wonderful.
Dave mounted the isolation transformer that he had connected last week.  He changed the oil on the Yanmar engine.  He remounted the electric fuel pump.  That his been bugging him for a long time. 
He spent some time drying out the area of the cracks over the shaft.  There was a little salt present.  So the sea water could be slowly leaking in and evaporating.  There was one area he couldn’t dry completely.  Note to self.

I had gone to shore in the afternoon to shower and use the wifi and power at the welcome center.  Then I walked to church at 5:00 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  On the way back, I picked up a pizza at Bristol House of Pizza.  This is the second pizza we have had in this area in the last month.  Both of them were shy on sauce.  Don’t know if that is a local thing.  I guess we’ll go back to making our own. 
cool ship in the bay

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