Thursday, September 20, 2018

August 1-4, 2018 SD guest

August 1-3
Dave had found some lights to go inside our cabinets.  They didn’t stay in place with the small Velcro strips.  So I hung 4 of them with screws.  I took photos of the new scoops we have for 2 side hatches.  When we are anchored, our bow is pointing into the wind.  So the air doesn’t flow into the hatches on the sides of the boat.  These scoops are mounted outside with a frame to hold it’s shape.  They work really nice.  They're called Breeze Boosters.

 Dave spent a couple days looking for the water leak near the engine compartment.  He thinks he found the source.  He found several cracks in the epoxy housing that covers our shaft.  After researching online, he found that this is common on a Beneteau if you get something wrapped around your prop, which we have done a couple times.  It twists the shaft and can crack the epoxy.  He then spent a couple days researching what to do.  We came to the conclusion that we should talk to our insurance company after Dave’s mom visits us in August.  
It's hard to tell what you are looking at unless you know boats
Dave mounted the electronic fog horn.  It will give the one prolonged blast every 2 minutes.  We figure we will be needing it until we head south again.  It is controlled through a function on our VHF radio.  I hadn't noticed until now that Dave had mounted new bars along the life lines to tie the jerry cans to the deck.  Nice job!

We enjoyed the sailboat regatta in the bay.

Saturday, August 4
We were able to connect with a South Dakota friend living in Providence, RI.  One of my best friends since grade school, Lori Landgrebe Schneller, has a niece living there.  Kelly Wong is Jody Landgrebe’s daughter.  She is just starting her second year of a medical internship for an Emergency Room Physician.  Dave picked her up at the dock at 9:00 am.  We brought her to the boat for a tour and breakfast.  Since it was going to rain all day, we went back into town to go to the Bristol Oyster Bar.  They have $1 oysters everyday from 12-2 and 4-6.  We sat right at the oyster bar for the show.  The “shucker” answered all the questions we had.  He really knows the area and their oysters. 
It was fun visiting with Kelly.  Since we will be in the area for awhile, she may be back for a sail.  Her boyfriend from South Dakota just moved to Providence (but was gone on vacation before starting a new job).  They met after college through friends and found out that his dad was from Miller, my home town.  Peter Heidipriem is the son of Scott Heidipriem that I went to school with for 12 years (now living in Sioux Falls, SD).  Kelly’s grandmother still lives in Miller, Bernita Landgrebe, so she has been there many times.  Small world. 

that one was as big as his sandwich

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