Thursday, August 23, 2018

July 10, 2018 ICW near Myrtle Beach, SC

Today we continued north on the ICW.  As we were leaving our anchorage, we saw an alligator swim across the creek.  Dave had wanted to finish cleaning the bottom of the boat, but had heard there were alligators in this area.  He was glad he followed his instincts.

The ICW was totally different from the last segment.  We had to pass the Myrtle Beach area.  Even though it was a weekday, it was still a vacation mecca.  There were the usual charter tours, fishing boats and jet skis.  One cute tourist attraction that we did see was a pirate ship.  There was a jet ski making circles around it, which I thought was rude.  But as we got closer, we could see that the jet skier had on a pirate scarf and was yelling at the boat.  On each side of the boat, there were water cannons and a kid at each one trying to hit him.  I thought that looked like fun. 

We anchored by 4:00 in Calabash Creek.  There weren’t many good anchorages north of here on the ICW.  This area had a lot of crab pots and shoaling to work around, but it ended up being just fine.  We weren’t very far off of the channel, which had a lot of charter fishing boats going in and out of this creek all day. 
thought I'd take a picture of a bird on it's nest, Dave called it a "Beacon Bird"


swing bridge


swing bridge

pirate ship

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