Friday, July 20, 2018

June 20-22, 2018 Charleston Harbor

Wednesday June 20
Today we put the pudgy in and sailed it to Fort Sumter.  It is free to tour the Fort, but most people pay to get there by ferry.  It was about 3 miles from our boat.  We really have fun sailing it.

check out those new knees-with sun screen
change positions
We spent about an hour touring the Fort.  This is where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.  Then it took us a little longer to get back to our boat with different angle to the wind.  We were soaking wet by the time we got back.

rows of cannons
the semi circle was for moving the cannon from left to right
looking back towards our boat
That evening, there was a regatta in the harbor.  There seem to be 3 different classes of boats racing.  We enjoyed our front row seats.
I guess their used to the cargo ships and stay out of their way

can you see the people sitting on the side to balance the boat?  they have to switch sides when the boat turns

Thursday June 21
Dave planned to run the water maker today.  He has to open a through hull in the bilge that is shared with our air conditioning unit.  That’s when he discovered water in the bilge.  SO we opened all of the bilge compartments in the salon area.  It was red and oily, which made him think of diesel fuel.  He cleaned the bilge and let it dry.

While it was drying, we took our dinghy for a tour up the Ashley river.  We checked out the city marina and went under a couple bridges.  It was also nice to see the huge homes on the water front at the tip of the peninsula that is old Charleston.  They were originally homes of plantation owners.
The Ashley River Memorial Brigde
a peddle pub on water!!

Back at our boat, we watched USCG practice transferring people from helicopter to boat and back.  The helicopter really kicks up a lot of water.  Hope we never have to experience that. 
USCG practicing

Friday June 22
During the night, it dawned on Dave that the water maker has a red oil.  He checked that and found the leak.  There are 2 viewing windows to check the oil level and one was leaking.  He talked to the company and they sent out parts to the marina we will be at for a week with friends visiting, St Johns Yacht Harbor.

We spent the day prepping for visitors.  There was a class for kids to learn to sail near our boat.  Fun to watch.

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