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January-March 2018 in South Dakota for total knee replacements

On January 4, I flew to South Dakota for my knee surgery.  I had to take a later flight out of Brunswick because of an ice storm.  Rare for this far south.   Janice and Jim met me at the airport with sub zero temps.  Bless their hearts!
neighbor's boat

I think I will include highlights of my stay in Aberdeen until April 2018.
January 5-Claire Crawford’s birthday party with family.  Claire’s mother is my niece, Heidi, who is my brother Don’s daughter.  Therefore, Don and Linda were also here.  They live about 3 hours away in Pierre, SD.  We also were able to celebrate Garrett’s birthday in April with him and family. 

front-Garrett, Claire, Linda, back-Heidi, Glen, D0n

Garrett's birthday

January 9-total left knee replacement.  I was walking the first day and even tried steps the second day at the hospital.  On a 1-10 scale, I didn’t think my pain was ever over 5.  Janice played cribbage with me in the hospital and I had a 27 point hand-best ever.  29 is the highest you can get. 



staples were removed after 2 weeks

Janice and Jim, Heidi and Glen, Claire and Garrett were all great care givers.  It was fun attending their school functions.
Claire’s science fair.  Garrett’s pep band at a High School basket ball game.  Garrett making a Mardi Gras float for school with friends.  Soup and sandwich dinner at school.  Garrett’s basketball games.  Claire’s basketball and volleyball games.  Garrett as a docent at the local museum. 


friend with Claire and Garrett

Garrett in the middle
In late January-early February, Janice and Jim went to Panama for two weeks.  During that time, our son Pete came to stay with me.  Awesome to see him for a few days.

Garrett taught me how to use Snapchat
Dave came to Aberdeen February 20.  We were able to travel to Rapid City before my second surgery.  Janice and Jim left about that time for Florida.  They had a condo there for the month of March.  So Dave became my “care giver”. 

In Rapid City, we were able to spend time with Pete again, also several friends.  We stayed with John and Tami Petersen.  They had a guest room on the main floor.  We really enjoyed staying with them.  They were such easy going hosts and we really enjoy their company.  We also spent a night in Miller, SD on our way back to Aberdeen.  We were able to have dinner with my cousins, Joe, Gail and Aaron Zeller.
Coffee girlfriends

choir girlfriends

sailing buddies Jan and Steve

sailing buddies

sailing buddies
LONG time friends-the Killions (missed Morgan and Kyle for photo)
statue at Chamberlain, SD at rest stop

Pete and friend April
The total right knee replacement was on March 6.  It was easier going into surgery knowing what to expect.  But afterwards, it was a little depressing to have to go back to start with rehabilitation.  With both surgeries, I was going to rehab 3 times a week at an office only about 4 blocks from Janice’s home, Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  So that was convenient.  Everyone there was great, professional and friendly, so easy to work with.  Then I was also doing therapy twice a day at home.  Therapy and icing afterwards took up a good part of each day. 

Jessica and Carla

Jaclyn, PT

Eric, PTA

Paige, PTA
practicing my boat manuevers

Janice’s friends loaned me a walker, cane, shower bench and raised toilet seat.  And Heidi’s mother in law, Marie Crawford, loaned us her car to use with my second knee.  Janice and Jim drove their car to Florida and left us their truck.  I couldn’t get in and out of that for several weeks. 

At about 2.5-3 weeks after each surgery, I was able to drive and to use stairs.  That meant I was able to stay alone.  Janice and Jim have a beautiful 11 years old cat named Lilly.  Her cat box is in their basement.  It was good exercise for me to climb that set of stairs once a day.  She was great company.  I have never seen a cat talk to humans as much as she did.  Dave even got her to tell him who her favorite Twins ball player was-Joe Meower. 

In late March, Dave went to Wisconsin to spend a week with his mother.  He returned Easter Sunday along with our son Peter and his friend, April.  It was so great to see him 3 times in 4 months. 
Pete and April visiting Aberdeen

Other entertainment included seeing friends of mine that live in the area.  Nancy Sundstrom lives in Groton.  She and I were room mates in dental assisting school in 1974-75.  We have stayed in touch over the years and still have so much fun together.  I went to Sioux Falls, SD for a weekend with her.  She was going to a hockey tournament that her grandson was playing in.  I visited one of my girlfriends from Miller, Sheryl Gerdes Bedard.  We have been friends since first grade.  I was also able to see Chelle and Steve Hart.  We have been friends for about 25 years and met through Ski for Light when I guided Chelle cross country skiing.
Nancy Sundstrom and I started drinking beer together in 1974
Chelle and Steve Hart andan Aunt during weekend in Sioux Falls

Another Miller friend, Nancy Augspurger Carlson, lives in Aberdeen.  She and her husband, Gregg, joined us for corned beef and cabbage on St Patrick’s Day at Janice’s house.  Lori Landgrebe Schneller had come to Aberdeen for about 24 hours to see me, too (another Miller girlfriend).
Lori Landgrebe Schneller and Nancy Augspurger Carlson

Jigsaw puzzles were a big past time for me.  I love doing them, but it’s impossible on a sailboat.  Friends and family and Lilly the cat helped me out. 


And, one of my goals was to learn to make home made noodles.  Garrett and Claire and Janice all pitched in to show me how.  Then we shared a great chicken noodle soup with Andy and Cindy Meyers, long time friends of Janice and Jim.  They also checked on my while I was alone in Aberdeen bringing me cookies, banana bread and mac and cheese. 
stylin' while cooking

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 I couldn't thank Janice and Jim enough for offering, and then agreeing, to let me stay at their home for my surgeries and recovery.  They took on the role of care givers when needed.  They loaned us their vehicles.  And in return,  we were able to cat sit for Lilly while they were gone.  Somehow we got the better end of the deal.  I am so glad I went ahead with both total knee replacements.  And it was a wonderful time for visiting family and friends.  We especially enjoyed being able to spend so much time with our great nephew and niece, Garrett and Claire.  The are growing up so fast.


For those that are interested, here are the puzzles that we did in Aberdeen.

almost forgot to take a picture of this one

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