Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 7, 2017 Marsh Harbour

Dave slept much better last night.  He could feel the medications doing their job.  I didn’t even take a picture this morning.  When I woke up, Dave said he wanted to go to his favorite fishing tackle store, which happens to be above a restaurant.  So we headed out to hit both places. 

I made him at least order before he went to the store.  When the food arrived, I asked the waitress if she had the phone number for the store.  I called and they sent him down.  Pretty funny.  And Dave found what he needed, or should I say wanted.

Again, we stopped to visit with Natalie and Stephan.  Their friends were in the air on their way to March Harbour.  Word to the wise:  the couple had a copy of Caribbean Breeze’s cruising permit.  They only had a one way ticket to the Bahamas because they are returning by boat.  The Miami airport wouldn’t accept that.  They had to buy a return flight ticket, which they could cancel within 24 hours.  Now if they were really some kind of terrorist or drug dealer, don’t you think they would have had the return ticket just to not draw attention to themselves.  I guess other airports aren’t as picky as Miami.  So avoid Miami if you are having crew fly in to help you sail back.  Or buy the return ticket that day and cancel it within the 24 hours.  Crazy.

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