Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 6, 2017 Dr in Marsh Harbor

There are 5 clinics in Marsh Harbour.  So we decided to put out a call on the VHF to the cruiser’s net on channel 68 to see if anyone had any recommendations.  Caribbean Breeze came back with a cheery hello, but no information on the clinics.  It took me a minute, then I asked if we had met.  Natalie reminded me that we had met outside of Spanish Wells a few weeks ago.  So we decided to stop by their boat after we went to the clinic, if Dave wasn’t contagious. 

We needed to drop off our propane tank at the local hardware store.  We decided to ask the woman working there where she would go.  She recommended Abaco Medical Clinic.  They take walk in patients.  And she liked the doctor. 

On our way to shore, we visited with Natalie and Stephan on Caribbean Breeze.  So it was almost 11:30 by the time we made it to the clinic.  They didn’t close for lunch, so Dave signed in.  It was after 2:00 before he was seen.  The doctor was very nice and she was thorough.  She didn’t think it was shingles, one of our fears, because she said it doesn’t generally itch.  But she prescribed acyclovir, an anti viral medication, just in case.  She thought it was a contact dermatitis.  She prescribed prednisone, a cortisone cream, and recommend he continue to take 50mg of OTC Benadryl for a week.

We left there in search of the pharmacy.  The lady at the desk was really soft spoken and hard to hear her directions.  It was about 2 minutes down the road and on the right.  We figured we’d ask again.

By now, we were both hungry.  And Dave needed to eat before taking the meds.  So we stopped at a little cafe near the store with our propane.  We had to pick up the propane by 4:00, which was close now.  In the cafe we asked about the pharmacy.  We had to turn left at this corner and go about 2 more blocks.  Now I remember seeing it in the past.  Not sure where the clinic lady was sending us. 

We were there before 5:00, picked up everything and headed to the grocery store.  We only needed a few things.  Then we walked back to the dinghy dock with propane, groceries and meds in hand.

We stopped to visit with Natalie and Stephan.  They shouted to us to find out if Dave was contagious before we could tie up to their boat :)  They were expecting guests to help them move their boat back to the US, but their flight was cancelled in Miami.  I guess we missed the squall today while we were in the clinic.  They said the boats were swinging all over the place again.  Kind of scary to think our anchor could have moved when we weren’t on the boat 

They were going to Snappa’s for pizza and happy hour and asked us to join them and one other couple from another boat.  We weren’t hungry, since we had such a late lunch.  But we decided to join them, just to visit more before we go our separate ways.  Peter and Patty from Maryland on Serendipitous joined us.  Nice couple in their 40’s.  They took off a year to sail.  They left Maryland with a group and sailed to the British Virgin Islands early winter.  They have been working their way back north and plan to head back to the US after this weather clears.  Everyone has unique stories. 

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