Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 2-5, 2017 Weekend near Hopetown

Today is the Bahamian Labor Day.  So medical clinics were closed.  Now the rash is moving into his scalp and sideburn area and eyelid, and swelling under his eye.  And it is starting to look fluid filled.  He took the Benadryl regularly and used Benadryl cream.  Didn’t help his energy level or his disposition.  That’s all I am going to say. 

We had porgy for dinner.  It was one of the frozen fish we bought in Spanish Wells at the dock.  It was very good, similar to grouper.  We are going to look for them while we are spearfishing.  Hopefully Dave’s rash will clear up and we can get back to snorkeling again. 

We stayed at anchor outside of Elbow Cay again today.  I spent some time baking bread and chocolate chip bars.  We have room in the freezer and time on our hands.  We decided to stay here so Dave could see a doctor on Tuesday.   This morning was the worst.  The swelling around his eye did diminish through out the day. 

We had an afternoon squall pass through that moved our boat 360 degrees before it passed.  Sounds like it will be stormy for about a week.

Dave wasn’t seeing a lot of improvement in his rash with taking the Benadryl, so he decided to stop taking any medication.  He didn’t like the way it was making him feel.

I took the dinghy into Hopetown for church this morning.   The priest from Marsh Harbor comes over on the ferry.  They have benches in the park and mass is outside, weather permitting.  There were more people here today than I have ever seen before, about 30.  We’ve been told that this is their busy tourist season, when school is out.  Now I believe it.  There are a lot more boats in the area, too.  We are seeing a lot of charter boats and fishing boats.  Many of the cruisers head back to the US by now.  We’re staying, just because we have no commitments until late July.

We decided to move the boat over to Matt Lowe Cay, nearer to March Harbor.  There was a lot of boat traffic rocking our boat at Elbow Cay. 

Dave didn’t sleep well last night.  I guess the Benadryl had been helping with the symptoms.  And today his throat felt swollen.  Since he planned to see a doctor the next day, he still didn’t want to take any medication.  He didn’t want to mask any symptoms. 

We made water before moving into Marsh Harbour.  The water is cleaner out here.  We waited for another squall to pass by and swing us 360 degrees before moving into Marsh Harbour about 3:30.

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