Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 13-14, 2017 Grand Cay

We took about 6 hours to go 40 nm north to Grand Cay today.  We want to go to a remote island, Double Breasted Cay, but will go into Grand Cay for fuel and a few groceries first.  Our sailing friends, Mike and Gloria Peters, have been coming to this anchorage for years and highly recommended it.  Sadly, they sold their boat this year after 20 some years of living aboard and won’t be here this year.  Great couple!  We loved picking their brains about the cruising life.

This morning, we went into Grand Cay for breakfast, fuel and groceries and take in a bag of garbage.  We took the dingy to Rosie’s.  Everything in this town is centered out of Rosie’s.  It was about 10:00 when we made it to the restaurant.  The place was empty and there were a couple dirty tables and a couple clean ones.  We could hear someone in the kitchen.  Dave stuck his head around the corner and asked if we could get breakfast or lunch.  A lady said she didn’t have the lunch menu ready yet, but she could make us an omelette.  So omelettes we had. 

A lady, Raquel, came out of the kitchen with her purse and headed for the door.  After we all said hello, she decided to sit and chat with us.  We had a great discussion about hot peppers.  She told us she generally will dry them in the oven.  Then she can crush them into a powder and add them as needed to dishes.  That’s something we hadn’t tried.  We have put some in lime juice and frozen some to help preserve them.  She also told us that when you pick a pepper, you have to take the stem part, too.  Otherwise the plant tries to continue to feed the pepper and waste it’s nutrients.  Hadn’t thought about that either.  She ended up serving us our meal, too.  She may have worked there and decided to hang out to help serve us.  Or she could just be another local and was helping out a friend.  Last time we were here, the custom’s agent ended up serving us our meal.  We had the fluffiest omelette and 2 pieces of homemade bread, toasted with butter.  No one offered us a drink or any jelly for the toast.  Welcome to the Bahamas.

While we were in the restaurant, there was a TV on with a Miami station.  There had been a shooting that morning in the states wounding some Republican congressmen.  We have been away from the states for 6 months and get only a fragment of the news from the states.  Most of our news comes from what we read online.  So we haven’t been bombarded by the TV station’s media.  It almost made us embarrassed to be Americans in front of these people living such a simple, peaceful life. 

While Dave filled 2 diesel and 2 gas jerry cans, I checked out the grocery store.  Our friend, Gloria, said to say hello to Inez in this store.  BUT Inez wasn’t working that day.  I was hoping to get some milk, fresh vegetables and jelly.  I found tomatoes and carrots, no jelly, and the milk might be in that afternoon.  Welcome to the Bahamas.  Oh, and Dave forgot to bring shoes with him today.  No problem, mon.

We decided to make water for a few hours and stay at this anchorage.  We’ll go back in tomorrow for more fuel and check on the milk and say hello to Inez. 

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