Thursday, July 20, 2017

June 1, 2017 Sandy Cay snorkel

Today, Dave’s rash was looking worse.  I suggested we head to Marsh Harbor to see a doctor.  There will be a 4 day weekend holiday starting tomorrow.  But he didn’t want to go :(

We headed north, but made another stop for me.  I have always wanted to snorkel Sandy Cay.  It is in a protected Land and Sea Park.  There is a strong current here unless you can time your snorkel with slack tide, about an hour after the high or low tide.  In the past, timing has never been right, or we had to be somewhere on a schedule. 

Today, we anchored the boat on the west side of the island.  Then we took the dinghy to the east side, where there were mooring balls for small boats and dinghies.  Dave didn’t want to snorkel because of the rash on his face.  So he waited in the dinghy.  I started at the south end and floated along with a small current along the beautiful reef.  It was probably 20-30 feet deep in front of the reef, but parts of the reef reached the surface, it was just after low tide.  I saw spotted eagle rays with about 8 foot wingspan, stingrays, turtles, huge grouper like fish, schools of fish and many small fish.  Loved it!!  One pass through took about 45 minutes.  Dave ended up following me with the dinghy so I didn’t have to swim back.  I was wearing a yellow blow up tube on one wrist for boats to see me.  My underwater camera was on the blink, so no pictures :( 

We then moved the boat to Elbow Cay by the lighthouse and the cottage that friends had rented last year.  Good memories of them and family visiting last year. 

Dave decided to start taking Benadryl before going to bed.  The itchiness was making it hard to sleep. 

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