Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 4, 2017 passage prep at Manjack Cay

Happy Independence Day!!
Not much happening here.  The larger islands have celebrations and fireworks.  They cater to the American tourists. 

We decided to get the boat ready and just head out from here for the states.  The weather will be worse this weekend and next week.  So we thought we should get going while the getting was good.

Dave managed the outboards.  He wrapped the Lehr propane outboard and stored it below.  He mounted the 3.5hp Mercury that we bought with the Portland Pudgy on the mount where the Lehr had been.  Then he took the 15hp Mercury off of the dinghy and mounted it on the starboard side of the stern, it’s usual spot.

Dave used the Airline air compressor to clean the prop and dyna plate.  That is a grounding plate.  He thinks we need to improve our SSB transmission, and he was hoping that would help.   We usually use the air compressor to clean the hull.  We didn’t have to clean the hull once this year because of our new paint job. 

He hung the dinghy on the davits, did all the necessary engine checks, and updated charts.  He checked the bilge one more time.  There was still a little fluid present, so will have to deal with that back in the states.  At least it’s not worse.

I spent the day making food to eat during our passage.  If the weather is rough, it’s hard to cook while underway.  I made a pasta salad with ham and vegetables, tabouli, banana bread, and pudding.  I had made rice to have with beans, but the beans were old and never softened.  I threw out the beans.  Then I made a rice “tin can galley” dinner with enough for leftovers.  I used the rice, cream of mushroom soup, canned chicken, canned vegetables and water chestnuts and cheese for a “hot dish” or casserole.  We’re getting pretty close to the end of our canned goods.  Yippee!!

We spend the rest of the evening putting things away, so they don’t fly around as we’re sailing.  We also made the salon table into a bed to sleep on during the passage. We went to bed feeling ready to leave.

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