Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 17 & 18, 2017 Road trip

Monday, July 17, we headed to St Mary’s, about 40 minutes south of Brunswick.  Dave had an appointment with the VA for lab work, which meant fasting.  So afterwards, we went to our favorite local restaurant in Kingsland, an adjoining city.  Steffen’s is like a hometown diner.  Everything is made from scratch, and there are a lot of southern dishes.  Dave had an unusual breakfast that he wouldn’t order again.  It had tater tots (which is what attracted him), lots of vegetables, and a sausage gravy over it all.  I had their Eggs Benedict made with homemade crab cakes.  They were great. 

After breakfast, we hit the road for Green Cove Springs, FL.  It is about an hour’s drive to the southwest side of Jacksonville, FL.  That is where our mail is delivered, to St Brendan’s Isle.  We usually head there to pick up everything that has been delivered since December 2016.  Over the last 7 months, if there was something we needed to see, we could tell St Brendan’s Isle to open and scan the letter for us.  Really a great service. 

We could have had SBI send everything to us in the marina, but it was time to register our boat and dinghy again at the local courthouse.  It was a classic department of motor vehicle two hour fiasco. They didn’t have our Beneteau in their records.  And most of the time was spent trying to register the Portland Pudgy.  And in the end, we realized it didn’t even have to be registered because it isn’t motorized.  We will probably do this on line in 2 years.  Hope it will actually work. 

We were back at the marina in time for happy hour and met some new boaters.

 Tuesday, July 18 I had another massage scheduled.  Penny’s office is near the mall.  So I asked a friend, Nancy, to go with me.  We did some shopping, had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s in the mall.  Then she did some “mall walking” while I had my massage.  It was a fun girlfriend day.

Sunday and Tuesday evenings are game night in the yacht club.  I get my “game fix” taken care of when we are here.  They typically play dominoes, either Mexican Train or Chicken Foot.  A woman came in that had just returned.  She was visiting with a few people at our table.  I overheard her saying she needed a ride to St Mary’s to pick up their car.  So I chimed in with “how soon do you want to go, we’re leaving at 7:00am tomorrow?”  So we exchanged info and made arrangements to meet in the morning.

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