Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 9, 2017 Gregory Town, Eleuthera

We had breakfast on the boat.  Then we took a tour of the shoreline before going into town.  There were beautiful rock outcroppings and caves along the shore. 
our boat in Annie Bight

You enter Gregory Town through a rocky entrance to their harbor.  There were docks on each side of the bay and men cleaning fish.  We beached the boat in the center of the bay.  We walked to the nearest restaurant for lunch, Unca Gene’s.  We had a great lunch and Unca Gene’s Pineapple Pop for an after dinner drink.  Very friendly place.
entrance to Gregory Town
Gregory Town beach
Entrance to Gregory Town looking back out to sea
Chris and Silvia at Unca Gene's

After lunch, Silvia and I checked out a gift shop while the guys looked around town.  I found a shirt with a map of Eleuthera.  Silvia found some fun jewelry and a shirt for Chris.

We needed to replace 2 coffee mugs that hit the deck while sailing with Torben and Anne-Marie.  I found one with fish and one with turtles that will remind us of Eleuthera.  We stopped for ice cream before heading back to the boat and dinner on the boat.

Back at the boat, Dave and Chris took off in the dinghy for awhile.  Dave let Chris take over as the dinghy captain.  Another great adventure for him.  There was nothing around for miles, so he let it rip.
Dave with Chris driving the dinghy
I taught Chris and Silvia a couple dice games which they really enjoyed.  They have tactile dice that they will use at home to play 5000 and Left, Right, Center. 
Chris and Silvia playing a dice game with an unwanted guest

There was a National election the next day.  We heard music coming from the shore until about midnight.  Since we couldn’t sleep, we decided to enjoy it in the cockpit along with a little rum.

We got carried away with making videos today

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