Friday, May 26, 2017

May 8, 2017 passage to Gregory Town, Eleuthera

Today we moved the boat to Gregory Town.  It was about 30nm away and took us 5 hours.  We had hoped to sail there, but the winds were light and variable.  We also needed to time going through Current Cut with the tide.  So we ended up motoring all the way. 
Chris was right at home at the helm

Current Cut is a narrow cut that has to be timed at slack tide.  Slack tide varies with locations.  But our Waterway guide book said to go through 1-2 hours after the high or low tide.  Generally, you would travel with the current, but since there wasn’t any wind, we decided to go against the current at slack tide.  We traveled from west to east with no problem.  Dave had to power up as we went through, but our boat handled it well. 
current cut
following a boat through current cut

We anchored at Annie Bight on the north side of Gregory Town by 4:30.  We decided to enjoy the evening on the boat and go into town tomorrow.  Silvia made us her signature dish, jambalaya, and it was awesome.  They like spicy foods, so we were in heaven. 
Gregory Town, Eleuthera

After dinner, we watched Skyfall with AD, audio described.  Silvia had seen the movie but missed a lot at the theater.  So she really enjoyed having the AD.  It was the first time I had watched a movie with AD.  It was strange at first, but I actually liked it at times.  It helped describe some situations that I didn’t pick up on the first time.  I would recommend people try it sometime.  Many theaters offer this with headphones.

breakfast dishes duty

Silvia cooking jambalaya

Silvia prepping dinner

Chris and Silvia enjoying the jambalaya

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