Friday, May 26, 2017

May 7, 2017 Egg Island beach day

We were on a mooring ball in Spanish Wells for 3 nights and desperately needed to make water.  We moved the boat to the beach area at the southern end of Egg Island.  Dave stayed on the boat to run the water maker and take care of a few neglected maintenance chores. 

Chris, Silvia and I took the dinghy to shore with water toys and adult beverages.  First we walked the beach to show them the size of the sandy area.  Then Chris tried out the snorkel gear.  He had snorkeled in the past, by many years ago.  The beach was pretty shallow, but he had a good time. 

Silvia and I got out our floaties.  We had a great time relaxing in the water.  Just so we could get out of the sun for awhile, we went to a picnic table in the shade for an adult beverage.  We decided to return to the boat so Chris could try snorkeling in deeper water beside our boat.  Silvia and I had no problem getting back onto the floaties.  At the boat, we needed a line to keep us from drifting away. 
Chris snorkeling
Silvia and Chris on floaties with our boat in the background
Silvia and Chris enjoying a beverage in the shade
can't get lost-Silvia
Chris, Mary, Silvia behind our boat
We grilled chicken for dinner, but had to eat inside because of the flies!!  While Dave was grilling and we were still in the water, another couple came by in their dinghy to say hello.  They were Canadian and saw the Canadian flag.  They were anchored around the east side of the island where it was more calm.  We decided to move next to them and enjoy a “sundowner” with them later. 

Stephane and Natalie joined us on our boat (no more flies).  They were from the Montreal area.  They spoke English, but with a French accent.  We really enjoyed getting to know them.  We nicknamed Silvia Chilly Silvi because she always wanted a jacket.

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