Friday, May 26, 2017

May 4, 2017 Chris and Silvia arrive in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Anne-Marie and Torben went to shore in Spanish Wells this morning to explore and shop.  Dave and I did some cleaning and regrouped before our next guests arrived today.  At least the new guests had a cottage for 2 days in Spanish Wells.  Dave decided to see if he could find our boat hook near the mooring ball.  The water is shallow here, but pretty cloudy from all the boat traffic, AND it isn’t the cleanest either.  Amazingly, he found it right away still attached to the mooring ball!
houses along the dock in Spanish Wells, across the channel from our mooring ball
Dave found the boat hook attached to the mooring ball

We went to Pinder’s supermarket in time to meet Chris and Silvia Jonas from Toronto.  We met them through an event called Black Hills Regional Ski for Light in South Dakota.  Both of them are visually impaired, Chris partial and Silvia total.  Both of them sail in Toronto with the Blind Sailing Association.  They have a trained sighted guide on board with them.  Chris has even traveled several places in the world to race sailboats.  Their website is

Pinder’s Supermarket arranges to pick up people at the airport, transport them by taxi/van to the nearest shore, and ferry them to the dock in front of their store.  The ladies working at Pinder’s said their plane was late.  We didn’t have lunch, so they thought we would have time to walk to the nearest snack bar before they arrived.  And the owner of the cottage, Sharon, was meeting them, too.  We were just about done with our lunch when the man working inside came out to our table to tell us our friends had arrived.  We quickly picked up and left.  Halfway to Pinder’s, someone met us and said our friends were in the car with Sharon, the cottage owner, and we should head back to the main road.  Crazy how everyone wanted to help out.

We didn’t see them at the snack bar, so we started walking to the cottage.  We found a place in the yard to wait in the shade.  When they arrived, they said they had been driving around trying to find us.  Sharon didn’t know what we looked like.  And Chris and Silvia couldn’t see the people on the road to know if it was us.  They finally just came to the cottage.  I'm sure that was a funny ordeal. 

After they were given all the instructions at the cottage, we went to the nearest restaurant/bar, Buddha’s.  Chris and Silvia had conch fritters and we all enjoyed adult beverages.  Anne-Marie and Torben found us here and the 2 couples were able to meet and get acquainted. 

We all went to the cottage for dinner.  Anne-Marie and Torben had bought local lobster tails for dinner and a few salad fixings and dessert.  I had brought rice, salad dressing a few vegetables for the salad.  Great dinner.

Torben, Anne-Marie, Dave and I went back to the boat for the night.  We were able to take the cottage’s golf cart to the dock and leave it there overnight. 

Dave, Silvia, Chris, Mary at their cottage

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