Monday, May 29, 2017

May 26-29, 2017 Preparing for passage to Abacos

May 26 Friday
It was very warm last night.  On the mooring ball, you are tucked into a wide spot in the channel with trees on one side and town on the other.  So there isn’t much of a breeze through the boat.  Before we realized it, it was 10:30.  We had to be off of the mooring ball by 11:00 or pay for another day.  So we headed out lickity split.  We moved the boat to the outside of the channel.  We have a favorite spot to anchor with free wifi from somewhere on land.  We can pick it up with our wifi booster.  It gives us a good chance to get caught up on e-mails and my blog. 

We also did a couple loads of laundry by hand.  We were spoiled using the laundry in the cottage. 

Dave replaced the zinc on the end of the prop using our air compressor.  It makes it much easier than having to hold his breath and come up often.  The zinc on the shaft looked good.  Dave also lubed the prop, first time underwater.  There were steps that involved hanging on to little parts, so he had to mentally prepare for this.  All went fine.   

May 27 Saturday
We did one more load of laundry to catch up on everything.  This is the last load of guest bedding for quite some time. 

I spent most of the day at the table catching up on my blog while we have the free wifi.  Hanging clothes and bringing them in were a nice break. 

Dave spent some time checking out our underwater camera.  Water has leaked inside.  Dave did some checking online and this seems to be a complaint in the reviews.  Sounds like it would have to be sent in for repair.  So we’ll see deal with it when we’re back in the states.

May 28 Sunday
Spent the day researching future boat projects online.  We are starting to line up things that need to be done this summer.
I was able to use our free wifi and the Hangouts app to talk to both of my sisters over the last couple days.  Had to hear about Bev’s travels home.  Janice and I discussed summer plans.  Looking forward to seeing our families in August.

May 29 Monday, Memorial Day in the US
We decided to make one last trip into town today.  We have been waiting for some wind to sail north before leaving here.  We took a load of garbage in with us.  Spanish Wells is very accommodating to cruisers by not charging for garbage and having several places to take it. 

We went out for breakfast at the Anchor Snack Bar.  It is close to the dock, and good.  Then we picked up a few groceries at Pinder’s Supermarket and said good-bye to Greta again.

When we returned to the boat, Dave was washing out the cockpit and realized we were out of water.  We planned to make water tonight, but guess it will happen right now.  Since we had the power and wifi, I spent some time  researching our credit card expenses since the beginning of the year.  I track what we spend in cash and credit cards in a spread sheet.  I was way behind in that, too.  Hadn’t transferred from my phone app to the spreadsheet since January :((

Now we are going to move the boat to be in a good position to head north in the morning.  So we promise not to do anything exciting tonight and leave it out of the blog :)

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