Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 25, 2017 Errands in Spanish Wells

Today was errand day.  Dave took fuel jerry cans to shore to refuel.  He had a nice visit with Edmond Pinder.  We bought the Portland Pudgy from him.  He came back to the boat with the jerry cans and picked me up.  On his way back to the boat, a large barge was leaving the dock.  There were other boats trying to get around it in the short distance between the boat and the shore.  I guess that’s the equivalent of a traffic jam. 
This car ferry was busy everyday
Dave in the dinghy
little close for comfort
We went to our favorite burger place-Snack Vault, for lunch.  The people there are even remembering us.  Then we stopped by the Ponderosa gift shop.  We visited with Delroy.  He thanked us for sending all of our guests to his store.  We bought a present for Dave’s mom here.  Better not mention what it is in case she reads this blog. 

Our last stop was at Pinder’s Supermarket.  They definitely remember us now because of all the guests that used their ferry service.  Greta, at the till, keeps track of everyone for the shuttle service.  We only needed to pick up a few perishable items. 

Back at the boat, we had popcorn and a movie for our dinner, again. 

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