Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 24, 2017 Kaye and Bev departure

We decided to load everyone in the dinghy and go to shore for breakfast.  The Anchor Snack Bar is close to the ferry dock.  I guess we haven’t eaten here with Bev and Kaye because they don’t serve alcohol :)

We had a great breakfast.  And it was relaxing to visit instead of cooking and cleaning, even though everyone was very helpful on the boat.  When we finished eating, Dave and I headed to the boat to pick up their luggage.  Dave dropped me off close enough to the restaurant to meet them and make sure they made it to the right ferry dock.  The restaurant was empty by the time I returned.  We gave Kaye a tour of some of the nautical art work on the walls.  I seem to see more when I have to explain the surroundings to my friends who are visually impaired than when I am by myself.  We also had a nice visit with the young women working there.  The restaurant has been in their family for 3 generations.  One was 21 and had been working there since she was 11. 
Kaye, Bev and Mary with coffee
sign at the Anchor Snack Bar

We said our good-bye’s at the ferry dock.  Pinder’s ferry and taxi service will take them to the airport.  It’s a pretty good service for $15 per person each way.  We really enjoyed having Bev and Kaye visit.  I think Bev may have enjoyed the cottage on land more than the boat life. 
Bev, Mary, Kaye saying good-bye
Bev, Mary, Kaye and new friend Crazy Roy
Bev and Kaye on the ferry to the mainland
We were pretty lazy for the remainder of the day.  We took the dinghy over to the shore on the main land where their ferry lands.  There were lots of storage units and cars parked there.  Pinder’s ferry, government ferries, and water taxis are constantly going over to the main land and back to Spanish Wells.  There was a liquor store there.  It was a little cheaper and had a bigger selection.  No liquor was allowed to be sold on the island of Spanish Wells until about 2 years ago.  So that changed their business.  Very friendly people. 

Popcorn and a movie for dinner.

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