Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 22, 2017 snorkeling the wreck and dinner on the boat

 We had a relaxing morning on the boat with breakfast in the cockpit.  We moved the boat to the south end of Little Egg to anchor closer to the wreck we wanted to dive.  All 4 of us took the dinghy to the wreck.  The dingy moves pretty slow with 4 people in it. 

A Lebanese freighter, the Arimoroa MV carrying guano-based fertilizer wrecked in the 1970’s.  The ship was on fire and the only way the captain thought he could save his crew was to beach the ship on the nearest island, Little Egg Island.  All the crew were rescued, but the boat burned for 3 months.  The reef was poisoned by the fertilizer and was void of sea life.  But over the years, many fish have returned.  There are large schools of fish amidst the debris from the ship.  Part of the bow can be seen about water.  The remainder of the ship lies in about 25 feet of water. 

Kaye snorkeling the wreck


Bev and Kaye

shark about 25 feet below us

barracuda checking us out

Kaye, Mary and Bev

Bev with wreck behind her
Kaye driving the dingy
Before returning to the boat, we stopped at Little Egg Island to snorkel the shoreline.  There is a large osprey nest on the island.

Kaye being towed by Dave behind the dinghy to get out of the current

Dave patiently following us around
osprey nest on shore

When we returned to the boat, we all had showers on the stern of the boat.  We moved the boat to the south west side of Royal Island to position ourselves for snorkeling and sailing tomorrow.  We had the mutton snapper for dinner with a ginger, pineapple rice dish and salad. 
Kaye apres-snorkel
Bev apres-snorkel

Dave made up one of his run Sea Hag concoctions.  He puts some juices, coconut milk and ginger ale in a pitcher with rum.  Mighty tasty. 
Kaye, Bev and Mary enjoying Dave's rum punch
Dave, Kaye and Bev trying the canned quava
galley wenches Kaye and Bev

There was such a nice breeze on the water that Kaye wanted to sleep outside.  So Bev decided to join her in the cockpit.  We have had several people say they think it would be great to sleep outside, but they are the first ones to actually do it.  Luckily, it didn’t rain and there weren't any bugs. 

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