Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 21, 2017 Moving to the sailboat

We bought home made Johnny Cake at the grocery store to have at the cottage for breakfast.  we needed to check out of the cottage, but we asked to use the golf cart to haul our luggage to the dock and to have lunch.

I picked up Dave at the dock and returned to the cottage to load up luggage.  We loaded it all in the dinghy and Dave ran it to the boat.  We wanted to go to the Vault Snack Bar for their hamburger, but they were closed.  So I quickly ran around the island to see what was open.  After I picked up Dave, Bev and Kaye, we decided to go to Eagles Landing.  We have only been there for breakfast.  But we liked their food and it was reasonably priced. 
no room for guests

We left the cart at Pinder’s supermarket for Sharon to pick up later.  This was our first adventure of getting everyone into the dinghy and onto the boat.  Went great.

We moved the boat to Meek’s Patch, an island about 2 miles away.  Bev, Kaye and I snorkeled to the shore, followed it aways, and back to the boat.  Kaye was very comfortable snorkeling and holding my hand.  I was surprised at what she actually could see.  But everything is 25% bigger underwater.  We also practiced getting into the dinghy after snorkeling.  We want to take the dingy a couple miles away from the boat to snorkel tomorrow.  Better to find out now if everyone can get into the dinghy.  Went fine.

Dave made an awesome lobster salad that we ate with garlic parmesan toast.  I chopped and he created.   We enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the cockpit.

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