Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 20, 2017 Wreckers and lobster dinner at cottage

After breakfast, I met Dave at the dock to bring laundry to the cottage.  We also wanted to use the golf cart to do our last grocery shopping before leaving Spanish Wells.  There is a grocery store further north, but we wanted to pick up any heavy items while we had the cart.

Dave stopped on his way in to help a boat that had grounded.  Dave was surprised that he knew more options to try than they did.  Plus he liked trying them out on someone else’s boat.  A bigger fishing boat ended up helping them get free along with Dave's help.
Dave's in the dingy out front
Dave heeling the boat, but it wouldn't move

Dave dropped me off at the grocery store then took Bev and Kaye to the Beach.  He helped them get the kayaks to the beach from the trailer near the road.  After we finished with our shopping and loaded up the cart, we drove by a new little grocery store.  They were having a grand opening with free hotdogs and hamburgers.  We helped ourselves then picked up a couple things in their store, even though our golf cart was full.  Island Mart will be open until 8:00pm and on Sundays and holidays.  Nice to know.

I sent Dave back to the boat with all of the groceries.  He wanted to get back to something he was working on.  I went back to the beach and Bev and Kaye were kayaking, so I quickly changed at the cottage to join them at the beach.  When I returned, the kayaks were already back on the trailer and they were hungry.  So we hit the Island Mart again for their lunch. 

I have heard from a few sources that a guy named Bernard will sell his fresh catch of fish every day at 3:00.  We wanted some fish for the boat, so Kaye and I took off for his place on the dock to see if he was around.  We parked the golf cart by his place a little before 3:00 and thought we’d wait awhile to see if he showed up.  Pretty soon Avery came by, saw us and stopped.  He said he didn’t see Bernard’s boat, but he lived nearby.  So he took off to check on him.  Pretty soon he came back with Bernard and went on his way.

Bernard explained that he didn’t fish on Saturdays, but he had some frozen fish.  We were fine with that since we didn’t want to eat it until Monday or Tuesday anyway.  He also apologized about his selection.  Someone had just bought about $100 worth of fish from him yesterday.  He had one mutton snapper for $23 and several porgy for $20.  The packages looked like they had 4 good sized filets each.  I knew mutton snapper was good.  And we had never had porgy (supposed to be like grouper), so we took one of each.

As we were leaving, I saw a stack of cleaned conch shells.  I asked if Kaye could check one out.  Then he went into some great explanations about conch.  When the eggs are laid, there is a sticky film over them.  The sand sticks to that and that’s how they start their shell.  The shell grows with them.  Then when the lip is formed, you can harvest them.  And the older they are, the thicker the lip will be.  In the winter, they bury themselves in the sand and a red covering comes over the opening of the shell.  Very interesting man.

We found out that the bar, Wreckers, at the Yacht Haven marina had a happy hour.  It was the one bar we hadn’t been to.  So we headed there to enjoy a couple gin and tonics for $3.00.  Bev noticed a sign on their board for specials advertising a case of beer for $35.  Usually it is about $50.  We asked, it was for Coor’s Light only.  (maybe it wasn’t selling in the bar)  We were fine with that.  So a staff person carried it to our golf cart for us.  We figured we would need a few beers on the boat. 
Mary, Kaye and Bev at Wreckers/Yacht Haven marina
stocking up, the blind leading the blind

Back at the cottage, we cooked our lobster.  We boiled then for 4 minutes each.  We also tried a local sweet potato called baratas.  It was more like a russet potato than a sweet potato.  We rounded off the meal with a salad and wine.  Couldn’t have been better in a restaurant.  We each had 2 tails and had 6 to take to the boat. 
Kaye and Bev enjoying the lobster dinner
about a 6 inch tail
We’re heading to the boat tomorrow, so we spent the rest of the evening packing and posting on Facebook while we had good wifi. 

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