Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 19, 2017 Sand Bar, Avery tour part II, and karaoke

After breakfast this morning, we went shopping for clothes and gifts.  All of my guests have enjoyed the clothing store called Three Sisters.  And the Ponderosa Shell and Gift shop is a nice little place off of the main streets on 10th.  Delroy sells shells, many gift items with his photos of the area and sea life, locally made jams, sauces, tea and coffee, soaps and lotions.  He even has conch shells made into a horn.  Bev decided to take one back for her son and his family.  There is a tourist gift shop near the dock with all the “gee gaws” you would need from the area.  Everyone seems to find a little something there.

After shopping, we went to the Sandbar for lunch.  It is always so nice by the water.  It was a little windy today, but OK.   And that's why we are on shore and not the boat.  Great food and drinks.  Had to check out the hammocks, too.
Bev, Mary and Kaye at the Sand Bar
Kaye enjoying the hammock

We decided to check with Avery about touring Spanish Wells.  He was more than happy to continue the tour.  He said he was even thinking about us this morning.  We were near his house, so we just stopped there and switched golf carts. 

He showed us more of Russel Island before returning to Spanish Wells.  We had heard that the heiress of the Bacardi fortune lived on Spanish Wells and wanted him to show us where her house was.  It was right next to our cottage.  She also had a large house next door for her guests.  Avery would not let us give him any money for fuel.  He just wanted to be sure visitors enjoyed the island.  Sounds like he had a drug and alcohol problem up until 4 years ago.  He has changed his life and is thankful everyday that he is still here. 
Pelican Bay, a man made area for docking boats in a private marina
coco plums, some white and some purple, we tasted the white ones
Dave boat sitting off shore

After our tour, we changed into our swimsuits and headed for the beach.  We went to the west end where we watched the sunset last night because it was more sheltered from the wind.  When we returned to the cottage, Avery showed up with 2 packages of frozen lobster for us.  He thought one package looked too small, so gave us 2 for a total of 12 lobster tails.  AGAIN, he wouldn’t let us give him any money for it.  Really a nice guy.

Since we had a late lunch, we just had a few snacks at the house for our dinner.  We walked to Buddha’s to check out their karaoke night.  It was different than we have seen before.  They had several TV screens in the place.  They let you pick any song you wanted and they would see if they could find it through an online app.  Then they brought microphones to your table.  It was less intimidating to sit instead of stand in front of everyone.  But we really had to think about what songs to sing.  Once we got it started, a few other people joined in.  We didn’t stay late, just had some fun and headed home.

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