Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 17, 2017 Kaye and Beverly arrive in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

Kaye Leslie and my sister Beverly Krause arrived today.  We met Kaye through Ski for Light in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  I guided Kaye cross country skiing 2 or 3 years.  Kaye is visually impaired, or a VIP, as she says.  She has a guide dog that gets to be on vacation too this week with another dog back in Toronto, Canada. 

They weren’t scheduled to arrive until about 5:00.  I discussed meeting Sharon, the cottage owner, at the dock with the golf cart about 3:00, so we could get some things settled early at the cottage. 

Well, there was a mix up and we didn’t connect until almost 4:00.  We were back at the dock to meet Kaye and Beverly, along with Sharon.  She meets the guests and takes them to the cottage in her car to transport their luggage.  Then she can show them how things work at the cottage. 
Bev and Kaye arriving on Pinder's ferry
After things were settled, we took the golf cart to Buddha’s for their first evening on the island.  We enjoyed happy hour and fish dinners.  Most of the evening was spent catching up on each others lives.  Kaye just retired in February. 

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