Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 14-16 Prparing and changing plans for next guests

We spent the days cleaning and reorganizing and planning for our next guests. My sister, Beverly Krause, and another Ski for Light friend, Kaye Leslie will arrive on Wednesday, May 17.  They have the same cottage that Chris and Silvia rented reserved for the last 3 nights they are here, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of next week.  The weather was looking rough for the beginning of their week with us on the boat.  So I made an executive decision and checked with Sharon to see if they could go to the cottage first and end their vacation on the boat when the weather would be nicer.  Bev gets motion sickness, so I figured she would be OK with this decision.  And Kaye is so easy going, that I knew she wouldn’t care.  I even added a night in the cottage and paid for it myself.  I decided I would stay with them and we could do shore activities.  Dave was fine with staying at the boat and tinkering. 

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