Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 13, 2017 Last day in Spanish Wells

After working on the Honda generator, we still needed a new handle for the pull cord.  Dave called and found one in town.  Ronald wanted to meet him at 9:00 at his parts store.  Dave dropped off Silvia and me for at Eagles Landing to order our breakfasts.  Then Dave and Chris headed to the parts store.  We really liked having their golf cart at our disposal.  Ronald gave Dave the pull handle and he cut off a length of new cord, beefier than what we had, and gave it all to him at no charge.  Dave does go out of his way to make friends, and I guess it pays off.

We dropped off Dave at the dock to head back to the boat to fix the Honda.  The 3 of us headed to the beach.  Today, Chris tried kayaking.  He had canoed before, but not kayaked.  He enjoyed it, but thought it was more work than a canoe.  I actually prefer the kayak, but we did have to paddle against the wind to get back to shore.  We found a starfish in about 3 feet of water that Chris could see.

Chris, Silvia and Dave saying good-bye
Silvia's last day at the beach
Chris' first time kayaking
starfish at least a foot in diameter

After the beach, we went back to the Sandbar for a late lunch.  They have such a great atmosphere by the beach.
Chris having "chicken in a bag" at the Sandbar

We cleaned up at the cottage and decided to go back to Buddha’s for happy hour.  We ended up getting a few appetizers to go and went back to the cottage to eat.  I wanted to get back to the boat before dark.  Chris and Silvia leave at 6:00am, so we said our good-bye’s tonight.  I just walked to the dock for Dave to pick me up, since neither of them could drive the golf cart back to the cottage. 

It was great spending time with Chris and Silvia and sharing our boating lifestyle with them.

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