Thursday, May 18, 2017

April 30, 2017 Highbourne, Leaf and Allens Cays

We decided to take the dinghy to the island north of Highbourne for the day. Allen’s Cay and Leaf Cay have a protected iguana habitat.  We stopped at Leaf Cay first to check out the iguanas.



We went to the shallow side of Allen’s Cay and Southwest Allen’s Cay to snorkel and spearfish.  We let Torben and Anne-Marie do the fishing today.  There weren’t as many fish in this area.  Torben speared a trigger fish.  But he said a bucket shark stole it off of our boat :)  At the end of the day, we realized that Anne-Marie doesn’t like to dive underwater with a snorkel.  So she didn’t take very many shots.  We figured this out when she dropped the spear and Dave had to dive down to pick it up for her.  LOL!
that's how you spear a fish
trigger fish with Torben and Anne-Marie
pretty school of fish
only a couple scales made it back to the boat this time
Torben and Anne-Marie wanted to take us out for dinner at the marina.  Since it was still a little windy, Dave took me and Anne-Marie in first.  We made it without getting wet.  She and I checked out the little store at the marina and found a few fresh vegetables.

Then the two of us headed to the Xumas Restaurant at the marina.  The store closed at 5:00 and our dinner reservation was for 6:00.  So what do you do?  Head to the bar.  The restaurant was on a hill side and was open air.  Beautiful setting and beautiful view.  We found the bar and ordered the local drink, Goombay Smash.  It has pineapple juice and 3 different rums.  The guys joined us shortly after that.  Our table had a wonderful beach and sunset view.  We had awesome coconut shrimp as an appetizer.  All of our meals were excellent.  And we shared two desserts, guava duff and guava bread pudding. 
Anne-Marie and Mary drinking Goombay Smash
Torben and Dave
All I said was "you don't have to lean together for the photo"
Seafood Risotto
Blackened Mahi Mahi
Lobster Ravioli
Lamb Shank and the biggest order of french fries we have ever seen
top-quava bread pudding, bottom-quava duff (a boiled pastry)

We made it back to the boat in the dark just fine (even though we forgot to leave our anchor light on-that’s rare). 

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