Thursday, May 18, 2017

April 29, 2017 Nornans Cay, Exumas

Today we took the dingy to explore Normans Cay.  We were here two years ago and loved the solitude and beauty.  This year, we went to a small island that we called “Erin’s Cay” with one palm tree.  We found that the one palm tree was no longer standing.  And across the channel from this island, they were building a marina.  I guess progress is good for the economy, but we liked the solitude we found before.
This used to be our favorite island before the tree blew over

palm tree down
baby flounder

baby flounder underside

on the little island in memory of someone
We spent the day in a bay/lagoon snorkeling.  Then we checked out an airplane wreck on our way out.  This area used to be inhabited by drug lords, but that was cleaned up years ago. 

After our day of playing in the water, we moved the boat a little further north to Highbourne Cay.

school of  minnows in the mangrove roots
Torben in the mangroves

Torben and Anne-Marien

Anne-Marie and Mary
cave along the shore
Dave in the dinghy
a jellyfish about the size of a walnut
Anne-Marie with a conch that was too little to keep
Torben and Anne-Marie checking out the landscape

Channel we came through to get to the lagoon that we snorkeled in

snail on the palm

enjoying the beach after snorkeling

the water was splashing over the side of the dingy,so Torben thought it would help to wear his goggles

Dave told Anne-Marie that she looked like a cowgirl

ready to snorkel a submerged airplane


our boat at anchor
video of dredging a channel for a marina.  amazing to watch them dig down into the water

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