Tuesday, May 16, 2017

April 28, 2017 Mangroves on Shroud Cay, Exumas

Torben, Anne-Marie and I took the dinghy through the mangrove rivers within Shroud Cay today.  Dave stayed at the boat to make water and work on the boat. 

We motored to the most northern river on Shroud Cay.  We had taken this route 2 years ago.  It goes all the way through to the ocean side.  We saw turtles on the way.


from mangroves to the sea (with water bubble)

beach before sea

Once we were at the ocean side, we beached the dinghy and hiked to a high spot.  The view was fantastic.  When we returned to the water, some other boaters were floating with the current through the inlet.   So we had to give it a try.  We enjoyed the water for awhile before returning through the island.  Before we left, a large “tender”, a dinghy for a larger boat, arrived with crew to set up lawn chairs and umbrellas on the beach.  One guy stayed and another left.  We thought about staying to see who would show up.  But the sun got the best of us.  We met them on the river through the island, but didn’t recognize anyone rich and famous.
Anne-Marie and Torben beach side
Torben and Anne-Marie onocean side of hill top

Torben and Mary on the hike
found something of interest
hilltop with ocean side


mangroves of Shroud Cay

Torben always finding something of interest

fruit we decided was quava

trail between water and hilltop

Torben being swept out with the tide
We checked out another river in the mangroves on the way back to the boat.  Torben got out to snorkel and we drifted back out of the river.  So peaceful.
turtle in the mangorves
we laughed about how the water spot was strategically place to censor part of Ann-Marie
Torben snorkeling the mangroves

sun coverage while drifting through the mangroves

Torben still snorkeling and getting sunburnt

an opening to the sea in the mangroves

shallow area that Torben will pull us through
Back at the boat, Dave had grilled chicken for us.  We had it with my homemade tzatiki sauce and made a Greek salad with whatever we had in the kitchen.  Last year the Doerr’s taught us to make KS chicken with whatever you had, except the Kitchen Sink.  So we called this our greek KS salad-kappa sigma salad.

We moved the boat to Norman's Cay, a few cays further north in the Exumas.
Anne-Marie at the helm

Anne-Marie likes the auto pilot
On Norman's Cay, we went to shore to have dinner on the island.  The only restaurant was closed.  We had to make reservations before 3:00.  I guess they don't even accept drinks and appetizers at the bar.  No one was around, so we enjoyed lounging on their deck.

Anne-Marie cut my hair for me, but she wasn't disturbed by the sea hag

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